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Here you will find information concerning check-in luggage, cabin luggage, excess luggage, luggage transfer, prohibited items and more. Below tables furthermore display our standard luggage regulations.

China Southern Airlines closely works with other airlines on various routes, and for some of our partner airlines other luggage regulations may be applicable. For more information concerning this you can contact your travel agency or the specific carrier. The luggage regulations on this page are only applicable for departure from Schiphol. Other regulations may be used for departures from other cities. For more information you can contact a local CZ office.

Check-in luggage

China Southern Airlines makes use of the "pieces"  concept for our luggage regulations, in which each passenger can take X piece(s) of luggage on board, depending on the booked class, and with a maximum weight of 23kg. How many pieces are allowed is always mentioned on the ticket. Standard the luggage allowance is: 

luggage pieces

Cabin luggage

Each traveler can take one piece of cabin baggage free of charge plus one accessory. The allowance of a second piece of cabin baggage depends on the booked class:

hand luggage pcs
Excess and odd-size luggage

The charge of excess baggage per piece concept is subdivided into three categories; weight, amount & size. During check-in each piece of luggage will be separately weighed. In case the luggage exceeds the maximum allowed amounts of one of more categories, than this will be considered as excess luggage. When allowed by the staff present you can take your luggage against the payment of the excess luggage fees. These costs are: 

excess luggage pcs

China Southern Airlines can transport on a limited base odd-size luggage, such as bicycles, golf equipment, instruments etc., but does not have a special luggage arrangement for such luggage. The width, weight etc of this luggage must fit according to the normal set standards for luggage. Whether it is possible to transport odd-size luggage must be requested for approval before booking a ticket. Odd-size luggage is not always allowed on all China Southern flights (within China or international). Odd-size or heavy luggage can also be transported via our cargo flights. Please contact your agent or China Southern Airlines (when booked by CZ) for more information.

Transfer luggage

China Southern Airlines offers various attractive throughfares to many onward destinations in China, Asia, Australia & beyond, so it can occur that you will have to transfer during your travels with us. For many international transfer destinations CZ will label your luggage in such a way that your luggage will automatically be transferred to your connecting flight. Passengers can check the destination label placed on your luggage during check-in or luggage drop-off to see which destination is written as the final destination of the luggage. Note that not for all destinations automatic transfer is possible, among which this often applies when you:

  • Transfer from an international flight routing to a domestic flight routing within China & v.v..
  • Depart from a different airport than the one you arrived at.
  • Within China fly onwards with another carrier (subject to which carrier).
  • Do not transfer within several hours after arrival or your transfer flight will depart the next day.
  • The various destinations of your travel are not within one ticket but divided amongst several tickets.

Furthermore automatic luggage transfer is not possible for all Asian destinations to your China - Amsterdam flight & v.v.. For other European destinations as a starting or ending point of your journey (for example Copenhagen - Amsterdam - Guangzhou), and when these European destinations are printed in the same ticket as the rest of your flights, luggage will normally be automatically transferred. Exceptions are possible, so China Southern Airlines advises passengers to check during your check-in what the luggage transfer possibilities are for your final destination. 

When your luggage is not labeled through to your final destination, then first collect your luggage at the transfer airport before you proceed to the check-in counter of your next flight. Please take into account possible security checks and immigrationregulations on the specific airport, as well as to reserve enough transfertime for this process. It is the responsibility of the passenger her/himself to collect the luggage at the destination as mentioned on the luggage tag provided during check-in and visible on your luggage.  

Luggage allowance on domestic or other international CZ flights

For luggage allowance on domestic or other international (add-on) flights applies: The luggage allowance for each booked ticket can vary, since this might vary per booking class, fare or whether or not it concerns a code-share flight with another operating carrier. It is  also possible that on other routings the "kilogram concept" applies instead of the "pieces concept"; for this other regulations, measurements, cabin luggage and costs for excess luggage can apply. Contact your China Southern booking office or booking agent for more information in case desired. The amount of kilo's or pieces visible on your ticket is the amount which will be valid.
For excess luggage on China domestic flights the charge in general will be 1.5% of the applicable one-way Economy class ticket on the day of billing per 1kg, calculated in the RMB currency and will be rounded up.   

Prohibited items on board

Several items are not allowed to carry on board. These are items which might compromise the safety of passengers and crew on board, such as firearms, pointed weapons such as knifes or arrows, flammable, chemical or toxic substances or products, but also items such as toy guns. Furthermore, for liquids, creams, gels, sprays etc. strict regulations apply, and per hand luggage may only be carried in amounts of maximum 100ml per piece. All liquid pieces must be placed in a see-through bag with maximum contents of 1 liter. Only one bag per person is allowed. For some liquids, such as medicine, sealed tax-free bought liquids or baby food, exceptions are allowed: check with your travel agent or CZ staff for more information. 

List EU concerning Prohibited items on board: click here

When you travel to/from/within or via China, passengers also have to take the security regulations concerning luggage of the CAAC (General Administration of Civil Aviation of China) into account. Lighters, matches, spraycans (among which hairspray or shaving cream cans) are not allowed to be carried in your luggage. Furthermore strict regulations apply concerning the transport of batteries on board.

List CAAC concerning batteries - prohibited and allowed - on board: click here

No rights can be obtained from these lists. Security staff reserve the right to refuse certain items on board when they feel the safety of the flight cannot be guaranteed because of this.  

Further information concerning luggage

  • Lost or missing luggage: Always rapport your lost luggage at the airport. For possible follow-up service it is necessary to always arrange and fill in a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) or a  Lost Luggage Report (or the equivalent on various international airports) at the airport. You can ask the staff at hand for assistance.
  • Damaged luggage: China Southern Airlines is not responsible for small damages such as scratches or dents. Larger damages is preferrably reported immediately after arrival, or otherwise within a week after arrival in writing (preferably per email) to the specific station department. See Customer Care for more information.  
  • Safety: We advise passengers to always personally pack your luggage or supervise the packing. Never just accept belongings or luggage from other people, whether you know them or not. Many items are not allowed on board, such as weapons, flammable items etc.. Verify beforehand when you are not sure if a certain item is allowed on board.
  • Check-in luggage shall be packed correctly, well locked, tied up and be able to withstand reasonable pressure. China Southern may refuse to accept luggage packed incorrectly as well as liability to the damage of such luggage.
  • Above provided information is subject to change. The exact allowed amount of luggage is visible on the purchased ticket. Allowed measurements, excess and odd-size luggage costs can vary from the above displayed information. No rights can be obtained from any information provided.